Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some new and exciting

(Originally posted April 12, 2013)

After eight years of writing I finally have an unsolicited professional review of one of my stories. Actually, there are three of them, and they are all quite complimentary.
I've managed to reach the Quarterfinals of Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Competition, meaning there are 500 of us remaining from the beginning 10,000. (There are a lot of us wannabes out there.) That has earned me a pair of nice Editorial Reviews, and one (so far) very flattering Customer Review. I'm not too old to be flattered. It just doesn't happen all that often. Anyway, you can read those reviews here.
I'll admit that I'm partial to the review at the bottom of the linked page, where the Amazon reviewer gives the story 4 stars and says---"Finally a creative idea that veers away from the beautiful young woman looking for love. It is well written, the characters are solid. A good story perfectly executed."
"Perfectly executed?" Oh my, does that mean I killed it? In fact, the reviewer is a professional, so I'll take that as a compliment. He or she has reviewed dozens, maybe hundreds, of the Amazon books. And, of course, I've already decided that he or she is obviously very perceptive. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed reading his or her professional appraisal. As much as I appreciate positive feedback from family and friends, it is hard to beat unbiased input from a highly qualified reviewer. 
Now, since the next cut in the Breakthrough competition will trim the remaining 500 to 25, I'm sure that I've had my moment of glory. Still, when you're not writing for $$$ those nice reviews help make it all worthwhile.
Thanks for stopping by, and please take a moment to check out the above link.

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