Monday, December 22, 2014

Remember When

Okay folks, it’s time for a year-end final exam---a test of your October boldness, and your willingness to tread new ground and take new chances. In the course of my Tanner Chronicle stories I recount the relational journeys of the October friends I have imagined into being. (Like I said before, I tell “people stories.”)
But now I’m hoping that you will take a moment to consider your own personal travels, from “then”---the person you were before your relational connection happened, to “now”---the person you have become in the company of your life partner. 
If you can do that, I invite you to apply that same remembering to the journey the two of you have made together as a couple. Whether or not you are still together your story remains a tangible and very personal thing---a bit of your unique history. No one else could possibly retell your story with all the details that make it so real to you---the heady highs and deflating lows that come with being a couple and a family.
Today, however, no matter where you are in that relational journey of yours, I have a favor to ask of you. The New Year, a time honored season for remembering, is approaching. And that’s what I am asking of you---to spend a few minutes in New Year’s remembering. 
Truth in advertising. Some of you will need to suck it up---to grin and bear it. This Remembering link will take you to a You Tube version of a country song by Alan Jackson, a particular favorite of mine. Though I am one of those strange fellows who likes most all country music, this is the only one that Roma will let me play out loud in our house. So even if the sound of guitars and “twang” set your teeth on edge, I urge you to tough it out and listen to the end. 
I recommend that you set the video on “full screen” (the ‘four corner’ symbols in the lower right corner of the video). Then just close your eyes and listen to the words. Let it be a song about you and yours. Though each of our own histories are different, chances are you will find a the sense of remembering you have rarely heard in any kind of music.
Once you have ‘Remembered When,’ I invite you to leave your comments at the foot of the page. It’s a simple process. Just click on "Post a Comment” at the bottom of the page. Under “Select profile” scroll down to click on “Anonymous.” That allows you to respond without giving out any personal information. Click on “Enter your comment,” enter what you want to say, then click on “Publish.” It’s as easy as that. 

Also, if you are brave enough to “Forward” the email link to this country song, or "Share" the Facebook post, I hope you will do that. Perhaps you can help a friend ‘remember.’ With that I wish you a happy holiday season. You’ve earned a time of peace and reflection, so enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks for the timing of this exercise. Just days away from our 15th anniversary it's good to reflect and remember.