Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Why Stay?

What good can come from a tired old mind left to its own devices? What else would explain today's bit of October Years whimsey, this dusty remnant I stumbled across in some dark corner of my cluttered mind?
         What do you suppose these random brain leaks mean? I'd appreciate your thoughts.

                                          WHY STAY?

What is there left to be done? What is there that requires my doing?         
Do I really need to stick around for whatever comes next?

Near as I can tell there are only two people, just two mortal beings, 
        who actually depend on my continuing presence.

First and foremost is my beloved life-mate. For sixty-three years
        she has been central to my being, and I to hers.

Together we raised a family, did our part to continue the species.
        We did our bit, left our mark. What more is required of us?

When measured against the big picture, the history of the race,
        our time together is little more than a fleeting instant.

Yet when measured by my lifetime, my mortal consciousness,
        the scale that matters most to me, she has always been there.

True, either of us could carry on alone, and in time one of us will,
        but neither of us will find that easy, satisfying, or natural.

Our kids don't need us any more. Sure, we enjoy their company.
       But they have learned well, and will get along fine without us.

Beyond that, there are friends who will remember that we're gone.
       Truth is, however, we are not a vital part of their lives.

Finally, there is one other person I'd rather not offend by leaving.
        My life has touched many souls, but none more than my own.

 Turns out I have my own reasons to stick around for a while.
        There are still unfinished dreams for me to chase.
                 And besides, I haven't finished her 'honey-do' list.

Truth is, when I stop to consider what it would mean,