Monday, January 8, 2024

The living color


               THE RESULTS…in living color

If you are like me, there are moments when you find yourself looking back on earlier times. Of course, we tell ourselves we cannot live in that past, yet at the same time it can be hard to ignore the stash of recollections we have stored in the dark corners of our mind……at least some of which we do not want to leave behind.

Since this site has always been titled a “writer’s blog’……and since I get to be that “writer”……’s post will shine a blatantly self-indulgent light on what I choose to remember as the last great adventure of my personal trek through old age.

When I retired in 1998, (Lordy, that was twenty-five years ago!) I welcomed the notion of “free time,” though I had no idea what I would do with the unclaimed hours, weeks, and months I had been gifted. Early on, Roma and I spent a few months revisiting England and the continent ……long enough to realize that we had neither the taste nor the resources to make that a lifestyle. So what other choices did we have?

One of my earliest posts on these pages……a piece I labeled “Nearly Flunking Retirement,” described my ordeal. For half a dozen years I flailed around, keeping semi-busy with interim works assignments, and one hobby or distraction after another……all the while growing more depressed with what was supposed to be our Golden Years.

I have told that story before, how I stumbled onto a manuscript I had written more that thirty years before, and filed away in a closet. As I reread that story it was like turning on a light. Why not use my time to tell a story? Perhaps I could still do that. For some reason, sixty-nine seemed like a good age to give it a try. So with that, the adventure began.

Today, however, is not the time nor place to relive that adventure…..with its good and the bad moments. Instead, I have chosen to stretch my self-indulgence claim to the limit, with a totally self-centered display of how late-life has blessed me.

I am not here to explain what that means. I simply want to show the world…….at least my little corner of the world…….what can happen when it gives a clueless old fellow a pen and blank sheet of paper. 

I invite you to take a moment to click on THIS LINK to see the visual, living-color results of turning an aging storyteller loose on the world. The site is called an Amazon Author’s Page. It lists all twenty-four of my books in both paperback and ebook formats, including a pair of family adventures that Roma and I wrote together. Truth to tell, I am ready to brag a bit.

Finally, if you are inclined to pass this post on to a friend, I would certainly appreciate that. This is, after all, the extent of my advertising efforts.

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